Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The FOX4 Love Fund for Children

The FOX4 Love Fund for Children is a local 501(c)(3) organization founded by FOX4 in 1981 following the groundswell of viewer after airing the news series “Thursdays Child.” Since then, The FOX4 Love Fund for Children has met critical needs for over 100,000 children, in 37 counties, in ways no other organization is addressing.  

With 20,000 children in the Kansas City metro area are living in poverty every single day, the need for support is greater than ever. In 2019, The FOX4 Love Fund for Children is working to fill the gap in youth services for 7,000 children in our community.

What type of assistance does the Love Fund provide?

The FOX4 Love Fund for Children focuses on assistance not provided by any other agency, and all items provided to a child are new.

In 2018, we provided 2,157 children with 

⦁ clothing, so the child has a change of clothes to wear to school

⦁ bed and bedding, so a child is not sleeping on the floor 

⦁ Extracurricular fees and gear, so children can learn what being on a team means

⦁ hygiene items, so a child can start their day off on the right foot. 

⦁ school supplies, because with a backpack, pencil and notebook school can be transformative 

⦁ Counseling, to work through trauma and foster emotional health

⦁  Physical therapy, to work past physical limitations

⦁ Communication devices, to help the child connect with those around them

⦁ Shoes, some kids are wearing shoes that are too small, have worn through the sole, and don’t keep out the wet snow

⦁ Coats, gloves, warm hats and scarves, kids who have no warm clothes suffer in our harsh midwest winters

⦁ Holiday gifts - children under 12 are provided Christmas presents by many organizations, but after the child is 12, only the Love Fund works to provide holiday cheer and gifts to these forgotten children. We help children who are receiving from no one else.

and so much more….

The FOX4 Love Fund For Children is unable to allocate resources to are: food, utility assistance, rent and past due bills.

Who can receive Love Fund assistance?

The FOX4 Love Fund For Children provides goods and services to any child with an unmet need that has been validated and applied for by a third party youth service professional.  The child/children must be age 18 or younger and must reside within a 37-county area.

Who can apply for assistance?

The FOX4 Love Fund For Children works with, and through, a network of professionals or “youth advocates” who work with children. These professionals identify a child in need and apply for specific assistance on the child’s behalf. Our network of youth advocate professionals includes; case managers, social workers, school counselors, and medical professionals. If you are a youth advocate looking to apply please email and request an application.

I am not a youth advocate; how can my child get assistance?

At this time, we are only able to work through a certified youth service professional to allocate resources. This “third party” must be intimately familiar with your needs and situation and that of your children. This person may contact The FOX4 Love Fund For Children to request an application which they must fill out and submit on your children’s behalf. Please request that your child’s case manager, medical care provider, therapist, counselor or some other type of professional contact us to request an application for assistance. The Love Fund has certain criteria needed for allocating resources, which we can discuss with the professional.

In the meantime, another option for assistance would be to call 2-1-1 from a landline; this will connect you with the United Way. The United Way can advise you of resources within your neighborhood.

Is money ever given directly to the family or to the child?

The FOX4 Love Fund For Children provides a voucher for goods or services, sent directly to the professional who applied for assistance on behalf of the child(ren). The voucher is then taken to a designated FOX4 Love Fund For Children retail partner for the specific goods and services listed on the voucher.

I’ve applied for child assistance, now what?

Once the application is received, depending on the type of request, the approval process can take between 30 and 90 days. Once approved, a voucher is issued and mailed to the youth advocate. The FOX4 Love Fund For Children staff will contact the applicant if additional information is required. Please complete the application fully and include all required documentation to ensure timely approvals.

How does the Love Fund raise money to help children?

The FOX4 Love Fund For Children receives no government or state funding, but relies solely on donations from private family foundations, corporate sponsors, individuals and events. If you would like to sponsor an event please contact

Doesn't FOX4 provide your funding?

We are thrilled to be a legacy of FOX4’s commitment to the community and while we don’t receive funding from FOX4 they generously provide in-kind donations in the form of media coverage and housing for our 2 employees in their offices. This unique partnership has allowed the Love Fund to operate on a minimal budget with big impact!  

What are some ways I can help the Love Fund to assist these children in my community?

There are many ways you can help children in your community.

1) Contribute a one-time gift; Monetary donations are always welcome and can be sent to The FOX4 Love Fund For Children at 3030 Summit, Kansas City, MO 64108, or by using the “Donate Now” button on top right corner of this site.

2) Set up a monthly contribution; signing up to donate just $10 a month can help fulfill a child’s need this year.

3) Purchase Amazon wish list item; Once delivered to our office we will distribute the item(s) to children on our wait-list.

4) Partner with The FOX4 Love Fund for Children to create your own giving experience. 

Veronica Champion, Development Coordinator, (816) 932-9107

Allyson Summers, Executive Director, (816) 932-9170

5. Good-hearted and hard-working volunteers are adored by The FOX4 Love Fund For Children League and the Young Professional Board. Reach out to join at

6. Participate in events such as Back to School Bash, Sack-It for Santa, It’s In the Bag, and the Golf Classic. These events directly benefit the children The FOX4 Love Fund For Children serves.

7. Get the word out about The FOX4 Love Fund For Children: LIKE and follow our social media sites, share our posts and speak with your friends, family and co-workers about our efforts and successes. This brings awareness to The FOX4 Love Fund For Children and to the fundraising events that The FOX4 Love Fund For Children hosts.

I have an idea for a fundraising event that I’d like to organize to help the Love Fund.  What do I do?

Third-Party events are always welcome at The FOX4 Love Fund For Children. Please contact for additional information.

What results do we see?

"Three children now have coats and shoes to keep them warm this winter.  This will keep them comfortable as they go to school and attend many medical appointments."

"Parent was overwhelmed with appreciation!" 

"Reduced neglect of the children and stabilized the family in their home."

"The children are now properly dressed, providing warmth, reducing hypothermia during the winter and other weather related infections."

"By receiving the items the children were able to sleep in a comfortable bed and not on the floor, and were able to purchase warm clothing for the winter months."

"It was amazing.  I had my moms and grandmothers became overjoyed with emotion when these sacks were delivered.  Many of the clients families I delivered to, this was the only Christmas gifts the kids received.  The sacks were filled with great gifts and brought so much joy and happiness to so many.  THANK YOU!!!!!"

"These were greatly appreciated they provided some basic necessities that the parents may not have been able to provide for their child.  I liked that the sacks provided hats, gloves, body wash, finger nail polish, socks and other self-care items because it reminds people to think about self-care."

"The family was thrilled to receive a holiday gift for their teenager.  The family commented that many other programs have an age limit of 13."

"I had one particular client who had never received a Christmas gift and was elated to receive a bag filled with multiple things.  Overall, it was evident that the client felt special for that moment and appreciated the thoughtful act."