Meet Tyree

Tyree is an active five-year-old who loves puzzles, trains and Paw Patrol. Tyree was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum at the age of three. His parents started him in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy which has helped him learn to talk. He now loves to spell and count, asking his family how to spell words all day. He’s even working on being able to spell some without any help. This year Tyree started kindergarten. At the start of the school year, Tyree was accidentally placed on the wrong bus, on his way home after school. While he was safely returned home the incident was unsettling to the family and reinforced the need for additional support to maintain his safety at home and in public.

I just wanted to thank you so much for our AngelSense, Tyree wore it in his backpack today and it is awesome we could see his exact route to and from school we were notified when his bus left from school! So once again thank you so much for helping keep our precious son safe!
— Tyree's mother, Samantha

Tyree’s parents reached out to the Love Fund to secure an AngelSense, which is a wearable GPS & voice-monitoring solution designed for children with special needs. His mom Samantha explained that because Tyree tends to wander away while in public and has no concept of “stranger danger" getting AngelSense would fulfill a unique need of this family. Knowing that AngelSense is constantly tracking Tyree gives his parents the peace of mind, and the ability to see his location, detailed routes and even planned and unplanned stops along the way, all in real-time. The device also features tools to allow Tyree’s parents to quickly respond to an incident or emergency.

Allyson Summers