Meet Brendan

Meet Brendan. Brendan was adopted as a baby after some rough beginnings. As a result of those beginnings, several complications followed as he developed. A specialist that works with Brendan saw the need to attend a day program that could truly optimize his growth and his ability to learn. This program, hosted by Children’s Mercy, is a 7 week therapeutic program. This award-winning, comprehensive treatment program was formed for children experiencing behavioral, emotional, and general learning disabilities. This camp is designed to address issues in the classroom through behavioral modification components and recreational, group activities. Programs like these are incredibly beneficial though incredibly costly and not covered by most insurances. Brendan’s advocate sent in a request for funds knowing how difficult it was for the family pay the balance in time for Brendan to attend the summer session. Cases like Brendan’s exemplify the mission of the Love Fund, “unique and unmet.” The balance was paid in full and Brendan was set to attend a summer session.

During the program Brendan received onsite, one on one care from highly skilled counselors and physicians. After these sessions Brendan’s parents witnessed major strides in both is physical and mental demeanor as well as his desire to strengthen his relationships with the community around him. The program assists his parents with the tools and resources they need to extend the gains from the program to their home by providing with valuable data and support to optimize success in all settings.

Over the course of the program, Brendan’s enthusiasm and commitment was apparent. Brendan earned several honors including MVP, Honor Roll, and Most Improved! All of these are difficult to obtain and a testament to Brendan’s perseverance, the support of his family, and the overall success of the program! Supporters of the Love Fund for Children are the only way requests like Brendan’s are met! Brendan, thank you for sharing your story and your success with us. Here’s to much, much more!

It is in large part thanks to the Love Fund that we are able to utilize this valuable program as it is not covered by insurance. Without the the grant made by The Love Fund, none of this would be possible!
— Brendan’s Mother, Sarah.
Allyson Summers