Meet Paxton

Meet Paxton. Paxton is an active 7 yr old with some developmental delays. Like most children, Paxton has a lot of energy and at times does not know how to direct that energy. He’s often overwhelmed by his surroundings, and experiences anxiety related to his autism. An advocate for Paxton reached out to the Love Fund in February requesting assistance in purchasing an indoor sensory swing. A sensory swing would reduce sensory over-stimulation and improve his overall ability to focus and concentrate. The indoor swing would allow Paxton to have a place to release those anxieties that isn’t dependent on the weather or conditions outdoors. Sensory swings are not eligible through current restrictions in medicaid. Unique, and unmet. A request with the Love Fund’s mission at the forefront!

As Paxton develops, the hope is that a sensory swing will aide him in developing body awareness, promote a sense emotional and physical well-being, as well as assist in focus and concentrate as he begins the school year.

With the relatively mild Summer we’ve experienced in Kansas City, Paxton and his family visited over a dozen different parks in the area and he enjoyed his time swinging at them all! His mother claims “If it doesn’t have a swing, it doesn’t suit Paxton!” With class in session and colder temperatures approaching, the family wanted a swing Paxton could access at all times, especially after a long day at school day!

Above is an example of the therapeutic sensory swing Paxton received through the Love Fund.

Above is an example of the therapeutic sensory swing Paxton received through the Love Fund.

No matter which way his emotional or physical pendulum ‘swings’, being able to use this equipment helps him to find a happy medium and balance out the extreme highs. He does great at school, but bottles everything up all day. When he comes home he’s often restless and fidgety. Being able to just drop his backpack, kick his shoes off, and go swing for a bit first thing after school has helped him tremendously! Thanks so much for helping my boy!
— Paxton's Mother

Thanks to supporters like you, families like Paxton’s receive the equipment needed to optimize learning and well being at home and in the community.

Allyson Summers